Cufon font replacement


Tired of using the same old system fonts on your website?

Have no fear, Cufon is here.

One of the major limitations in web design typography is that by default, the font you use on your website has to be available on the end users computer. There are various methods out there for font replacement but not all are cross browser and there are differences in the rendering between operating systems and browsers.

The two main methods are sIFR and Cufon. sIFR is worth mentioning as it is an alternative but it can be a pain to set up and for the purposes of this blog I will be concentrating on Cufon only.

Enough chat, let set look at an example:


Monday, May 9, 2011


gc 2011 website launch


After much blood, sweat and a few tears, we're please to announce the launch of our new website built using the Umbraco CMS platform.... finally.

Its always a struggle to complete these things when your flat out working on client sites but having had a quieter than normal March we thought it was time to build a new site for our most demanding client yet!

The most important requirements for this site were conveying what we do in a simple and concise way. We stripped out most of the gumph, after all, what we do isnt rocket science and our message is simple. We build websites, we do it well, we offer fantastic customer service and we manage to do it all at very competative rates.

Almost as important as the message is the mechanism used to publish our content. Working with Umbraco is great! Due to its flexability, administration of the system can be tailored precisely to fit the needs of the end user, making content publication simple and easy to manage.

To contact us about your website please call 07983 633 674 or use our contact form.


Thursday, March 31, 2011